Maison Yellow vous accueille du lundi au dimanche.
Maison Yellow vous accueille du lundi au dimanche.
Maison Yellow vous accueille du lundi au dimanche.
Maison Yellow vous accueille du lundi au dimanche.
Maison Yellow vous accueille du lundi au dimanche.

Responsible drinking

At Pernod Ricard, responsible consumption of alcohol is an essential part of our social responsibility commitment.

Through a series of initiatives, including several in partnership with associations, organizations and representatives of public authorities, the Pernod Ricard group and its affiliates are heavily involved in the promotion of responsible drinking, intended to discourage excessive alcohol consumption.

And our hospitality at Maison Yellow doesn’t support excess, either. Our business supports responsible fun that is respectful of everyone, particularly those who choose not to drink alcohol.

When it comes to responsible marketing and communications, we adhere to strict criteria defined by the Pernod Ricard Group Commercial Communications Code. All our marketing campaigns are reviewed by dedicated panel to ensure compliance.

Digital campaigns and on-site activities to raise awareness in young adults

Set up in 2009 by Pernod Ricard in partnership with the Erasmus Student Network, the Responsible Party programme cautions young people against the practice of binge drinking by raising awareness about responsible drinking through digital campaigns and on-site activities.

Drink More Water is the name of the most recent campaign (launched in 2021) to raise awareness in young adults about the consequences of dangerous behaviour and, in particular, to remind them of the importance of drinking water when they are consuming alcohol.

Find out more: Drink More Water (

Additionally, and at every event we organize or participate in, we provide tools for information and prevention. We also offer an alternative to alcoholic drinks by systematically providing alcoholic-free options.

A commitment upheld by every team, every day

Internally, each Maison Yellow employee agrees to follow a responsible code of conduct which compels them to actively work towards prevention. Employees can refer to this every time a question arises regarding responsible drinking.

This document lists very precise rules, including: ‘Do not feel pressured to drink alcoholic beverages’, ‘Whenever you drink alcohol, always accompany it with alcohol-free options and food’ and ‘Spend the night in a hotel if necessary or if your return journey is over an hour long’.

The teams at Mx, just like all of the Group’s 19,000 employees, have completed an online training course that was launched in April 2020 entitled ‘How to better understand alcohol and the principles of responsible drinking’.

All of our sales teams also complete specific training on aspects requiring greater vigilance due to the nature of their job, with a particular emphasis on responsible drinking. Training modules in the form of podcasts have also been developed to raise awareness of the risks linked to driving and tiredness, the use of mobile phones, speeding, medication and alcohol.

A free hotline is also available for all Group employees who find themselves in a situation which breaches our ethics and our commitments.

Digital labelling for responsible drinking

In 2007, the Group was a pioneer in displaying the ‘avoid alcohol if pregnant’ symbol on all of its bottles.

From this year, a ‘not for those under the legal age’ symbol will begin to appear on all bottles produced by the Group, in compliance with our commitment to the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD).

In July 2022, a digital labelling scheme was put in place by the Pernod Ricard group globally to provide a concrete response to consumers who want more transparency on the contents of our products and health information.

This scheme for more responsible drinking has been implemented by Mx Maison Yellow, demonstrating our proactiveness and commitment as a member of the wine and spirit industry. Specifically, scanning the QR code on the back label on products sold by the Pernod Ricard group with a smartphone provides access to the full list of ingredients and all nutritional information.

It also provides access to information on the health risks associated with alcohol consumption. Thanks to geolocation, consumers can find recommendations about responsible drinking published by their own country and in their own language.

Maison Yellow Bar & Food, committed and responsible

Since 2023, Mx Bar & Food have been displaying the alcohol unit information for their cocktails on their menus, as well as offering a wide range of mocktails (alcohol-free cocktails).

As a reminder, in France, 1 unit of alcohol = 10 g of pure alcohol per glass, in line with the WHO standard.

Image source: Alcool Info Service